Our Solutions

Safari delivers end-to-end solar, financing, and energy efficiency solutions.

Turnkey Project Execution

We believe a vertically-integrated solar execution model delivers superior financial and operating results for our clients.

Project Development · Deep knowledge of local energy and incentive markets · Portfolio-wide scope for identifying attractive projects · Sophisticated in-house system design capabilities

Structuring · Portfolio economic analysis · Scalable capital raising · Project financial structuring · Contract execution

Operations · Engineering · Permitting and interconnection · Construction

Asset Management · Monitoring and maintenance · Administrative · Warranty management · Energy efficiency and peak demand reduction opportunities

Financing Solutions

Safari has the expertise and structural flexibility to tailor solar financing to our clients' investment appetites.

With decades of in-house project finance and investment experience, we understand the risks and opportunities specific to local incentive markets, real estate finance, and portfolio energy strategies. Safari custom-designs project structures to meet these needs.

Our solutions include third-party tax equity, tenant- and owner PPAs, solar leases, third-party debt products, and fee-simple structures.

Beyond Solar

Safari Energy can maximize your energy savings site-wide: eliminating energy waste and flattening peak demand with proven, efficient technology; and monitoring whole-facility power usage to identify low-cost, high-return energy measures. By optimizing consumption as well as generation, Safari can dramatically increase your portfolio's total return on energy assets.

Learn more about our energy efficiency offerings here.